FREE Broken Link Checker

Enter your website URL and Vigil will scan it to find any links which are broken


What if I have a Vigil account?

If you have an existing Vigil plan, use the email address associated with your account. Or, login to your account and add a new host.

How does the broken link checker work?

Given a URL, the broken link checker downloads the HTML on that page and finds all links. It then checks each of those links to make sure if it is still working properly. If the link is to a page on the same site, if will follow the link, and perform a check on that page, continuing until it checks every page on a domain. The broken link checker will collect all links that are no longer working, and generate an email report.

Why do you need my email?

The broken link checking can take some time to process depending on how many pages your site has. When we've completed the check, we will email you a report. We will never give your email to a third party.

What links do you check?

The broken link checker will follow all links as long as they are part of the same domain. We will check external links in pages to make sure they are still working, but will not recursively follow links on another host.